NQuery Advisor Tutorial Evaluation Form

Number of Graduate Level Statistics Courses Taken to Date (or currently taking)

Degree being sought: Major 

Gender:  Male    Female

Analysis to be Reviewed:  Multiple Regression    T-test

Below is a list of statements regarding the nQuery Advisor tutorial.  Please indicate  the response that best describes how much you agree with each statement.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
1.  Overall, I feel that the tutorial was informative. 

2.  Too much material was covered in one sitting.

3.  The material was not covered in enough depth.

4.  The tutorial instructions were easy to follow.

5.  I felt comfortable with my ability to move through the tutorial.

6.  The real-world research scenarios assisted in my understanding of power.

7.  I now  understand the factors influencing power.

8.  Using the tutorial scenarios as a model, I can determine sample size and power in my own research.

9.  After completing this tutorial, I feel more knowledgeable about statistical power.

10.  I felt comfortable with my ability to apply the nQuery software to the design problem. 

11.  I would rather have had classroom (lecture) instruction.

12.  What did you like BEST about the nQuery Advisor tutorial?

13.  What did you like the LEAST?

14.  How can it be improved?

Thank you for your participation