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http://www.statsol.ie/nquery/nquery.htm - nQuery homepage

http://www.psycho.uni-duesseldorf.de/aap/projects/gpower/ -G*Power: A free power analysis program

http://www.bio.ri.ccf.org/power.html -UnifyPow: A free power analysis program

http://www.spss.com/samplepower/ -SPSS SamplePower

http://www.power-analysis.com - Power and Precision software homepage - a computer program used to find sample size for a study.

http://www.statsoft.com/products/power_an.html -STATISTICA Power Analysis

http://www.ncss.com/pass.html -NCSS - Statistical and Power Analysis Software - PASS

http://calculators.stat.ucla.edu/powercalc/ -Power Calculator

http://www.cs.uiowa.edu/~rlenth/Power/ -Russ Lenth's power and sample-size page

http://www.math.yorku.ca/SCS/Online/power/ -Michael Friendly’s Power Analysis for ANOVA Designs

http://www.statisticallysignificantconsulting.com/PowerAnalysis.htm -Statistically significant consulting

http://seamonkey.ed.asu.edu/~alex/teaching/WBI/power_es.html -Dr. Chong-ho Yu’s  (Alex) online resource center

http://www.statsoft.com/textbook/stpowan.html -Electronic textbook

http://www.zoology.ubc.ca/~krebs/power.html - a review of statistical power software

http://www.statsoftinc.com/textbook/stpowan.html - an excellent resource on power (how to calculate power, hypothesis testing, sample size, etc.)

http://cc.uoregon.edu/cnews/summer2000/statpower.html - resource on power and adequate sample size

http://davidmlane.com/hyperstat/ch11_contents.html - discussion of power and factors affecting it; also provides links to other sites

http://monitoring2.er.usgs.gov/ampCV/powcase/powrefs.cfm - power analysis references

http://it.stlawu.edu/~rlock/tise98/onepage.html - web resources for teaching statistics

http://www.ats.ucla.edu/STAT - web resources for teaching statistics

http://www.stats.gla.ac.uk/cti/activities/reviews/99_02/edredfe.html - using the web to teach statistics

http://www.helsinki.fi/~jpuranen/links.html - Excellent web resources for teaching statistics, including links to data sets, articles, etc.

http://www.amstat.org/publications/jse/v6n3/smith.html - online article about learning and teaching statistics

http://www.statsci.org/ - the statistical science homepage, providing many links to resources

http://www.utexas.edu/cc/stat/world/softwaresites.html - Internet Statistical Resources:

http://sitemaker.umich.edu/group-based   -- Raudenbush and Bloom website and software sponsored by the W.T. Grant Foundation, for power analysis relevant to the design of cluster-randomized studies.