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Chi-square Test

This will bring you to a table containing 7 components. We will now go through each component, filling in the appropriate number using the data in this study.



1. Test significance level, a
Alpha (a) is the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis that the proportions in the C categories are equal in all G groups when it is true (the probability of a Type I error).

Suggestion: Enter 0.05, a frequent standard

Acceptable entries: 0.001 to 0.20

**For this example: type ".05" in the first box.

2. Number of groups, G specifies the number of groups in the study.

**For this example: type “2” in the second box.

3. Number of categories, C specifies the number of categories for each group to be studied.

Acceptable entries: 2 through 8

**For this example, type “3” in the third box.

To enter the proportions in each category in each of the two groups, select

  1. Assistants menu
  2. Compute Effect Size option.
  3. This will bring a new dialog box onto the screen